Wednesday, December 26, 2007


...that's the report card battle-cry!

Proud to announce that I am the proud owner of 4 A's & 1 B. Stinkin' Biology shot down my hopes of straight A's, but nevertheless....I'll gladly take it! :)

Saturday, December 15, 2007

One down....Three more to go....

The tests are complete, the grades are being entered into the computers....oh, the suspense! {lol}

It's so strange not to have homework or something to be planning ahead for. It has totally messed up my routine. But it is a WONDERFUL thing to be able to sleep a little later or stay up late watching movies (Movies!! They are great! I had forgotten about them!). The only problem is that I just realized how very short it actually is! GASP! I have so much on my "to-do" list that I don't think I'll be able to get everything done. Now that school is out, I have to catch up on all the "normal" parts of my life that I have been neglecting. {ugh}

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

I'm a Survivor!

YES! I managed to survive my most difficult class this year--Advanced English Composition! Yesterday was the final day of class (we presented our papers instead of taking a final test) and we all exhaled a collective sigh of relief...then we ate cupcakes! When we were totally stressed out during the height of our paper-writing madness, I told them we would have chocolate cupcakes at the end of the semester to celebrate our survival.

Cupcakes never tasted so good! :)

Monday, December 10, 2007

I "Heart" Dead Week!

To be sitting here with no homework assignments to complete or papers to's a WONDERFUL feeling. Even more wonderful is the fact that after Thursday, I will be done with semester 1 of 4!!

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Doin' the Victory Dance!


1. I made an "A" on my 15 page journal article that gave me hives, nightmares and plenty of stress!!! (Plus, the prof wrote "excellent" on it. SWEET!)

2. Made an "A" on my book which also gave me hives, nightmares and plenty of stress. Glad he wasn't really grading on it being a literary wonder, because I'm pretty sure it would bore anyone to tears!

Monday, December 3, 2007

The End Is In Sight....

Well it's not the end end, but it is the end of the semester! YAY!

November was a killer month for me. One of my professors promised in advance that he would give us heck in November, and I must admit that he kept his end of the bargain! I really was totally stressed out. My school work load was at its highest, my daughter was sick with two different illnesses during two weeks (interpret: I had to miss some classes), my grandmother passed away topped off with Thanksgiving holiday travels. I was on stress overload. I'm sure I've been equally or more stressed out at various times in my life, but nothing really comes to mind. I do know that, looking back, the things that really made me want to huddle in a corner and rock back & forth as a 19 year old freshmen are totally wimpy compared with grown-up stuff I must juggle now. I guess the difference is a little more maturity. Although, I must admit that maturity adds its own set of stresses. I used to be perfectly content to settle for a "B" and even the occasional "C" when I was younger, but it pains me to get less than an "A" now that I'm all grown up. In fact, there are many projects that I know I could get by with doing less on, but I can't force myself to turn in something that is lower than my expectations.

The wonderful, wonderful news is that I only have 3 more class days and one day of finals. HOORAY! I'm still pretty stressed out, but this time, it's due to the holiday crunch more than school work. At last, I feel like I can breathe a little easier because the end is in sight.