Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Theatre & Other Weirdness

So, I'm in an introductory theatre class. I decided to take an online class rather than traditional class because...well, I was afraid of a real, live theatre class. I'm not all that passionate about theatre, but most theatre professors are.

But I digress.

I opted for the online class which has been equally strange and confusing at times. "Strange" comes in the form of online discussions (I'll admit it--it's just hard trying to "get into" an online discussion that you just aren't real excited about). "Confusing" comes in the form of a teacher who feels that we should take charge of our own education and lead out in discussions and answer our own questions. Still, I don't have to worry about actually having to act in class (as I heard the traditional class last semester had to do), so all is well.

While I said I'm not passionate about theatre, I do love a good play. In fact, the one really good thing about the class is that it is forcing me to go to live productions. I have to see three this semester (the bad thing--two HAVE to be from the school where I'm taking the class; can't just pick and choose).

I attended my first production last weekend and it was okay. It was basically an interpretation of Hitler's rise to power as represented by a bunch of gangsters from the '30s. I found my poor, poor attention span wandering aimlessly during the second act. Cursed attention span! When did you leave me? (Or did I ever have one?)

What was I saying? Oh yeah...attention spans and theatre.

So, it's good to have a reason to HAVE to go to the theatre and since I do get to see one of my own choosing, I think I'll start shopping around. I never thought my husband would like theatre, but he accompanied me to a "Shakespeare in the Park" production when we lived in the city, and he actually enjoyed it! Then, my girls have recently been involved in a theatrical production at their school, so they are excited to go. Sounds like a family roadtrip ahead!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

No News Is Good News, Right?

So, I haven't really had much to report this semester. I rarely ever feel like I am actually taking 15 hours because my workload is very light (lecture-heavy). However, I do still spend a great deal of my time worrying about the end of the semester....like the floodgates will open and I will be swept away in a rush of work or something.

But we all know that 98% of the things we worry about never happen. Here's to hoping!