Sunday, May 30, 2010

And She Lived Happily Ever After...

Well, well, well....where to begin?

I completed the school year (both university AND working at the public school). Going back to work full-time while in grad school was more than a bit challenging. There were many times when I was stretched to the limits of my sanity, but I made it just as many others have done before me.

We are settled in our new Texas home and most of our boxes are actually unpacked. It's so lovely to spend evenings on the back porch with the hubby while the kids play. What a change from summers past when I spent every waking moment on the computer researching or working on assignments. These days, I rarely crack open the laptop!

The best part is that I now have two degrees framed and hanging above my desk!! I remember when I first started considering returning to college. Back then, I thought that spending two years to finishing my bachelor's degree was a monstrous time commitment. I couldn't see a light at the end of the tunnel. I thought it was an impossible task, especially since I had a family to maintain. Little did I know that I'd also start working on a master's degree--something that I had never seriously considered--a few weeks after I wrapped up my undergrad studies.

All in all, I devoted three and a half years to finishing my higher education as a "university mama." When I look back on those years, I look back with wonder ("How did I manage to do it?") and fondness for all the people I've met along the way and experiences I've gained. I've also learned a lot about myself along the way. Turns out, I'm capable of much more than I thought!

So, if you are a Mama who feels a strong desire to get back into higher education and finish those unfulfilled goals, I encourage you to get started right away. Just fill out a college application and see where it takes you! It's a journey you'll never regret!